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Vivian Campbell Says New Album Photos Were Shot In Oslo, Norway - Audio

Friday, 19th June 2015

Vivian Campbell 2013.
Las Vegas, NV April 2013

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was recently interviewed by Jam Magazine and talked about the new studio album.

Vivian talked about the 2015 world tour, the US shows with Styx/Tesla, 2015 studio album, their own individual musical influences, the live show/setlist, the 2013 VIVA! Hysteria residency, a second residency for Pyromania (2016 but no specific date given), Ded Flatbird, Last In Line - band history and album and the Hysteria On The High Seas Cruise.

Vivian reveals they did a photo shoot in Oslo on 3rd June (quite possibly with Ross Halfin-view some of his photos below) which will be used for the album sleeve. He goes on to talk more about the album - basically repeating what has been said in many recent interviews. But all good stuff.

He also says there is a good chance Down 'n' Outz and Delta Deep may play during the Hysteria cruise in January 2016.

Listen to the full 14 minute interview below.

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Jam Magazine Online - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2015 Studio Album

"The new Leppard record is actually, really, really, really strong. I personally think it's probably the best record the band has made in the 23 years that I've been a member of Def Leppard. We've finished the record, it's in the mixing stage now. We - actually just today we did a photo shoot that'll be used in the album artwork. We're in Oslo today. We did a show here last night with Judas Priest."

"It's all coming together so we'll get the packing done. We'll get the mixing done and the record will be released some time in the Fall of 2015."

"We won't be performing any new songs from the album until such time that the lead track has been played on the radio. When you hear it on the radio it'll feature in the show."

"But it's a great record. It's a very diverse record. It covers a lot of different elements. The first thing we covered was the basic rock element because we knew we had to because hat's primarily what we are. A rock band. We went into the studio and we recorded live in the studio which is something that we haven't done since the Slang record in 1995. We did that to capture the live energy. But the one thing that marries together all the different, diverse styles on the record is the band's vocal sound. We've really developed that over the year and it's very much our signature. So whether it be a rock song or a pop song or actually even a psychedelic song, which is a first for us on any album, it still has that unique Def Leppard sound because of the top end vocals and then the production aspects that we bring to it."

Other Side Band On The Hysteria Cruise?

"There's a good chance Joe's band Down 'n' Outz might do it. Phil has a new project band now called Delta Deep - they'll probably do something as well. But that hasn't been confirmed."

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