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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Joe Elliott Says He's Never Been More Excited About A New Album

Thursday, 18th June 2015

Joe Elliott 2014.
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Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed recently by an Australian website and talked in great detail about the new studio album.

Joe talked to Dave "Higgo" Higgins about the 2015 Australian tour, 2015 studio album, the longevity of the band, musical influences, the 2006 YEAH! covers album, past Australian tours, hanging out with Crowded House and the tour staging.

Joe says the band have never been more excited about a new album ahead of its release which still seems likely to be in October. Interestingly he also suggests disagreements over the style of past albums (Slang through to Songs From The Sparkle Lounge?).

Listen to the full 22 minute interview below.

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Metal Obession - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

2015 Studio Album/New Songs Live In Australia/Japan/UK/Ireland

"We do have a new album coming out in October and you know yourselves [Australia] and Japan are gonna be the first places on the planet to actually hear some new music on stage. We'll have finished the American tour by the time we get to - the album won't be out so there's no new music in the States but there will be in Australia, Japan, UK and then from there onwards. You know we'll see how it goes. If anything sticks at radio you know then we'll be able to play some of it and maybe keep introducing some more."

Making The Album

"With the new album, swear to god, the new record we've never been more excited about an album - ever, I don't think because of the timing of it. The way that it worked. The way that - the ease of how the songs oozed out of us. It wasn't pulling teeth like on previous records that we've made. It was genuinely a positive and, I don't wanna say easy, but pleasant experience to make this record because there was a lot of laughs going off in the studio. We laughed a lot you know. We pulled some great songs out of ourselves, very varied."

"And on this new record we've gone that way. We've got stuff that sounded like it could've been on Hysteria. We've got acoustic stuff. We've got stuff that obviously Zeppelin influenced, Beatles influenced, the Stones, the Faces, The Who. I mean all the bands that you'd say well that's who would you want to be standing toe to toe with in the great rock and roll book of all time. They're the bands that you want to stand toe to toe with. And we've never been afraid to let our influences shine through. So if the songs sound like other people, so what. Bits of other people's songs sound like ours."

No Record Company Interference

"What I meant by that was this is the first record that we've ever made where we're not tied to a record company right. So there was no phone call week in week out - are you done? are you done? are you done?. You know that kinda stuff. Or we think you should do this, we think you should that. We made this record, we financed it ourselves, we made it ourselves, we wrote what we wanted to write and we were all just on the same page at the same time. In the past sometimes three of us would be on one page and the other are two are going I don't get where we're going with it. Or four of us have been on the same page and one of us has been off. But this one all five of us were right there. And everybody contributed even Rick Allen came in with a song. You know everybody contributed writing wise. Everybody really pulled stuff out and there's some fantastic - I mean there's some stuff you're gonna hear it and go Oh my god, that's so Def Leppard. Yeah it is because we want it to be. You know it might sound a bit like Sugar or something like that. We've got another thing that sounds a bit more like something off Zeppelin III. We've got something that sounds more Pyromania-ish."

Song Style

"There's literally something for everybody, I know that sounds like an advert for a hotel, but it's what we wanna stand for is variety. It's like here are the five guys in this band and this is what we're capable of doing. Very much in the sense as I mentioned like Queen. You know Roger Taylor wrote a certain kind of song. Brian May wrote a certain kind of song. Deacon and Fred wrote certain kind of songs but when you put all four of them together it becomes Queen. And then the variety is what made it work and that's what we've done with this record. It wasn't so much easy, there were no road blocks."

"And that's exactly where we're trying to go is just keep the variety up. It's always gonna be rock. We like the big drums, and the big guitars and the big vocals and silly lyrics and all that kind of stuff. I mean it's what we're all about."