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Phil Collen Says New Album Was About Artistic Expression

Thursday, 30th July 2015

Phil Collen 2013.
Phil Collen April 2013

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed earlier this week by Californian radio and talked about the new studio album.

Phil talked about his health, touring in the old days compared to now, the 2015 US tour with Styx/Tesla, Delta Deep, the new studio album and the 2016 Hysteria On The High Seas cruise.

Listen to the full 7 minute interview via the link below.

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Jeff And Jeremy In The Morning - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

2015 Self-Titled Studio Album/Best work you've done to date?

"Well, since Hysteria. You know, I do think Hysteria was a kind of a sparkling star on our career. You know, icing on the cake and all that. But I think this is the best thing we've done since then. It's called Def Leppard. It's really diverse."

"In an age where you don't really have to make records. We found that we wanted to. We wanted to make music. You know going back to the apolitical or whatever. It was about artistic expression and for the love of music and that's why we exist in Def Leppard. It's a really cool thing and that's why we done this album and I think that's part of the reason it flowed. It's like, you know, back in the day when the Stones and Zeppelin, The Beatles. They'd write a song, record it and release it. It wasn't really you know a record company executive saying 'Well guys I think we should do this. We need some fillers.'. This was all done for all the pure and right reasons because we love music and we wanted to get these songs out."

"We went in to record one song and we came out with 12. That's never happened in or career. We was on such a roll that it kind of blew us away. So that's really where this album is coming from."

Not business as usual?

"Yeah absolutely. It was done for non corporate reasons. Non business reasons. Purely for the love of music and that and it really did feel good I gotta say."