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Phil Collen Says Making Of New Album Was Wonderful - Video

Monday, 20th July 2015

Phil Collen 2015.
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Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed at the Oshkosh Rock USA festival over the weekend and talked about the new album.

Phil talked about Vivian's health, the new Def Leppard studio album, Delta Deep, Manraze, his autobiography and his lifestyle/health.

Phil was interviewed in his hotel room before the show in Oshkosh at the Rock USA festival.

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Oshkosh, WI - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Vivian's Health Impacting New Album recording?

"He missed the second session - this album's been great because we didn't do it the normal corporate or Def Leppard way. That's been pretty much the way that band's do things since the mid 80s onwards. Back in the day you know whether it was the Stones or Bowie or James Brown, Ottis Redding. Whoever it was, The Beatles, they'd write a song, record it, Bob Dylan, then that would be it. But now doing it - it was like well we've gotta get an album, an angle, you've gotta get filler tracks and all that stuff. And that whole thing so it became this lump of very uncreative or harder to be in a creative mode. I think back in the day when you just let it out, it was artistic expression and that's what it's supposed to be."

"So we actually went back to that more you know and we had three sessions. We've never really done that before. It's always like I said been one block of time. We started in January or February 2014 and he'd just had the news when we done that first session. We thought we was doing a single and then we came out with 12 songs. So we got the start of the whole. He missed the second one because he was having treatment and then we went on tour with KISS and then went back again done the third session and pretty much finished it. We've been finishing it off on the road as well. Just little bits. So. not really. As when Rick Allen had his accident. We were able to kind of do other stuff while he wasn't there. There's always so much to be done on a Def Leppard record."

Making The Album

"So with this new album, we actually did exactly what we wanted. We thought you know we don't care what anyone thinks. We haven't got a record company executive who's gonna teach us or tell us you know to do this or whatever. So we just done it ourselves on our own and it was wonderful. it was going back to that thing that Delta Deep's more like you know you don't have any restrictions."