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Vivian Campbell Talks About Missing Shows In 2014 - Audio

Thursday, 22nd January 2015

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Eddie Trunk on 20th January and talked about missing 5 shows in 2014.

Vivian talked about his health (nothing new but still recovering well), missing shows in 2014, Steve Brown, finishing the Last In Line album, the history if that band, his issues with Ronnie James Dio, the 2015 studio album, recording sessions, radio single release and the 2015 world tour schedule.

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Listen to the full 36 min interview via the link from 18 mins in.

Eddie Trunk - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Missing Shows In 2014

"That was very, very difficult for me to let go. It was my decision however. The band and management came to me and said we've been offered these shows can you do them?. And the timing was - I was literally doing the Stem Cell transplant that week and had had eight days of chemo prior to that so there was no way I in hell I could've done those shows. I was sick as a dog in hospital. So I did give them my blessing to go ahead and do it. But I always knew it was gonna be weird and while it was happening it was super weird. Probably even more so because it really was the very nadir of my treatment at that stage. I was laying in hospital, alone, sick and just feeling sorry for myself. I'm thinking geez the band's on stage right now with someone else playing. It mean it was a difficult few days but I signed off on it you know so - But I have no intention of letting it happen again. That's for sure."

Steve Brown

"Steve has been a friend of Phil Collen's for many years so he's been out to a few Leppard shows over the years. And then over the summer when we knew that I would be missing these four shows as it turned out - three public and one corporate. So Steve came out and we actually let him do a couple of sound checks using my gear, because he was gonna have to play through my rig for these shows. And yeah so it worked out well and I actually didn't need to teach him anything. I mean Steve knows the songs probably better than we do."