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New Def Leppard Single Due In 4 To 8 Weeks/Album Update

Thursday, 22nd January 2015

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Eddie Trunk on 20th January and talked about the 2015 studio album.

Vivian talked about his health (nothing new but still recovering well), missing shows in 2014, Steve Brown, finishing the Last In Line album, the history if that band, his issues with Ronnie James Dio, the 2015 studio album, recording sessions, radio single release and the 2015 world tour schedule.

Vivian said he'll be back to Dublin soon to help finish the album and a new radio single would "probably" be out in March/April (4 to 8 weeks from now).

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Listen to the full 36 min interview via the link from 18 mins in.

Eddie Trunk - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

2015 Studio Album/New Single

"It's very different to the Last In Line record. There's a couple of extremes there you know. The thing about a Leppard record is it's always a work in progress you know. You can leave the studio for a couple of weeks and go back and it can be heading in an entirely different direction."

"But I'm actually heading back to Dublin - as you noted I'm in LA at the moment - I'm heading back to Dublin next Sunday. And I'm gonna do a couple of weeks of recording. Got to finish up final guitar solos and some vocal bits. And then the Leppard record is definitely coming out in the first part of this year. And we're hoping to get the first track to radio within I would guess probably four to eight weeks."

"So that's the news with that it's a good sounding record. I mean we started off last February cutting tracks in Dublin. And we got the rock element covered pretty quick. We actually set up and played together in a room in the studio. Which we haven't done since the Slang record. So that gave it that kind of edginess that we were looking for, a bit more of a rock element. And then from that point on we got maybe a half dozen songs that you'd describe as hard rock in nature. And then they were kind of put to one side and then as is typical with a Leppard record it becomes very conceptual from that point. You know there's a lot of talk of oh we need this kind of a song or we need that kind of a song. That's when it gets difficult for me I gotta admit because it's very different from how I like to work. So I do generally tend to take a back seat once we get to that stage and let the other guys take it from there. And then again because I've been spending so much time with doctors and in hospital and what not I've kind of been a little bit out of the loop. So I'm looking forward to getting back to Dublin next week to get caught up to speed with this and see where it's finally headed. In the eleventh hour."

High 'n' Dry Sound?

"When we started tracking last February we cut songs live to try and get some of that energy. And I'm not saying it's going to sound anything like High 'n' Dry but it is more kind of in that rock direction or at least it was last February. I mean who knows what the fuck they've done with it now!."