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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
32 years Ago Phil Collen's Debut Show In London, England

Monday, 9th February 2015

Phil Collen 1983.
London 9th Feb 1983

Def Leppard played their first show with guitarist Phil Collen in London, England on this day 32 years ago in 1983.

The show which served as a warm-up for the main Pyromania world tour took place in London at the legendary Marquee Club.

Phil had joined the band in July 1982 during the making of the Pyromania album. He had also taken part in the filming of the first two promo videos from the album in December 1982 (Photograph/Rock Of Ages).

Quotes from a 1984 interview are shown below with the band giving their opinions about then 'new' member Phil.

London 1983 - Media Review Quotes

"Those who feared that new recruit Phil Collen, formerly of mascara-glad glamsters Girl, would be a pretty boy fill-in for the shandied-up ex-guitarist Pete Willis were in for a pleasant surprise. Got up in natty looking string vest, Collen let rip with gritty lead runs and stinging solos, quickly winning the crowd over and forming an effective partnership with the grinning Steve 'Steamin' Clark."

"New material from 'Pyromania' came over well, the highlights being 'Rock Of Ages' - an absolute stormer of a number featuring agreeably absurd lyrics and a suitably abrasive delivery from Joe Elliott - and the somewhat more ponderous 'Billy's Got A Gun' which boasts UFO-esque lyrical imagery and a gritty lead-break from the much maligned Phil Collen, whose gutsy style proves that he's more than just a pretty boy as many had feared."

Def Leppard 1984 Interview Quotes

Steve Clark - "We expect better things for the future now that Phil's in the group because he's going to contribute a lot more. Playing with him on stage every night is a pleasure."

Rick Savage - "He's somebody that we all get on with."

Joe Elliott - "We're so pleased with the addition of Phil Collen. Phil's been just great to work to contribute a lot to Pyromania and he's been a joy on tour. His addition has made us stronger than ever."