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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Vivian Campbell/Shadow King Rare 1991 Live Footage/Interview

Sunday, 1st February 2015

Shadow King 1991.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell played one show with the band Shadow King in December 1991 and footage is available.

The band were formed in 1990 by ex Foreigner singer Lou Gramm. They made one self titled studio album and released one single 'I Want You' before disbanding.

They played just one live show on 13th December 1991 at The Astoria in London, England. It was part of the 'American Dream' showcase event for AOR bands.

The event was covered by MTV Europe who broadcast live clips from the show and interviewed Lou and Vivian. Video one below shows part of this interview with Lou talking about how the band formed.

The other members were Bruce Turgon on bass and Kevin Valentine on drums. They split soon after this show due to lack of record company support and Vivian being approached to join Def Leppard.

This was the final live show Vivian did before joining Lep in early 1992 after auditioning in Los Angeles.

The short set featured five songs - 'Danger In The Dance Of Love', 'Boy', 'Don't Even Know I'm Alice', 'Anytime, Anywhere' - plus 'I Want You' (not shown).

Watch these songs plus their only promo video below in the playlist. As posted on YT by Bille, worldbootleg and Flavio.

Also included is 'One Dream' - their first release as The Lou Gramm Band from the soundtrack of Highlander II. And 'Russia' - the only song co-written by Vivian on their album.