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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
31 Years Ago Pyromania Tour Ends In Bangkok - Photo Gallery

Saturday, 7th February 2015

Rick Savage 1984.
Pic by t2bb

Def Leppard played the final show of the Pyromania world tour 31 years ago on this day in 1984 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The show took place in front of 6,000 fans at the Indoor Stadium Hua Mark. It was the last show played before Rick Allen's 31st December 1984 car accident.

The following day the band flew to Dublin, Ireland to start work on the Hysteria album. The tour lasted for one year and was the first to feature 'new' guitarist Phil Collen.

Check out a great gallery of 40 large photos posted on flickr by t2bb.

1987 Animal Instinct - Biography Quotes

"There were probably only six or seven people in all of Thailand who'd ever bought a Def Leppard record, at least a legal one anyway (cheap pirate cassette copies of the top albums are the big-sellers in the Far East). Nevertheless, 6000 folks turned up for the grand end-of-tour finale in Bangkok on February 7th, an impressive turnout made sweeter by the fact that Hall and Oates were also playing in town."

"Bangkok was very strange for me," says Joe. "We were in this nice hotel, like Fantasy Island, with fifteen foot high walls around it. And on the other side was this severe poverty. Sav and I went for a walk and all these fifteen and sixteen-year-old kids came up to us going, "Hey, you want my sister?". We said no thanks, mate, kept on walking and all of a sudden these kids started throwing stones at us. One kid threw a house brick right between us. I guess they didn't like the fact that we had nice clothes, obviously had money and had turned down their sisters."

"I did get to see a guy riding an elephant in down town Bangkok, though. I was eating in this restaurant and spotted this fellow on top of an elephant through the window. I had to run out and take a picture of him. I thought, 'I'm never gonna see anything like that again in my entire life'. And the actual gig was good too."