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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Vivian Campbell Talks About US Tour/New Studio Album

Friday, 27th February 2015

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Tigman on 101.5 WPDH radio last night and quotes are available.

Vivian talked about the US tour with Styx/Tesla, Last In Line and the 2015 Def Leppard studio album.

Listen to the full 6 minute interview below.

The interview was recorded last week.

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101.5 WPDH - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

US Tour

"Yes, but not together, Yeah, we've toured with Styx I think 2007 something like that. And Tesla on and off a few times over the years you know. Good lads all. There's 48 shows as far as I know."

Bethel Woods is the original site of Woodstock

"Fantastic! That's something to look forward to. Look forward to it."

2015 Studio Album

"All of a sudden Leppard's got a new album coming out and we're doing a world tour. Starting in mid April in Canada."

"But Leppard's got a very busy year and as I said we just finished a new Leppard record. I just got back from Dublin last night. We spent the last month doing that and it's sounding incredible. It's - in the 23 years that I've been with Def Leppard I think this is the strongest record we've made yet."

"The irony is though I haven't had too much to do with it. So I don't know what that says. I think that speaks volumes for my involvement but - because I've been dealing with cancer and stem cell treatments and chemotherapy for the last two years I actually wasn't able to participate too much on this Leppard record. I was there at the start and I was there at the end and I missed all the middle bits. But the more important thing is it sounds great. It's a strong record. So it's a very exciting creative time for me I gotta say."