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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
August 2002 Poland Full Band Interview Video/Transcript

Tuesday, 24th February 2015

Joe Elliott 2015.
Screenshot by dltourhistory

Def Leppard appeared on Polish TV in August 2002 during a promo tour and a video is available.

The seven minute interview video was posted online by the site at the time (and briefly mentioned on this site).

Sadly it was later taken down but has now resurfaced on YT as posted by dekokos.

The band are asked various general questions about being in a band and provide some hilarious responses. Joe, Phil and Vivian also played acoustically on the same promo trip for RMF FM.

A couple of highlights listed below. Be sure to watch until the very end when Joe is asked "why should we we buy your last album?".

Polish TV - Def Leppard Interview Quotes

What have you learned from your parents?

Joe - "Personal hygiene my parents taught me. All five of us actually."

Sav - "We're the cleanest band in the world!."

What have you learned from women?

Phil - "No you do. You constantly learn from women. And constantly don't understand them."

Joe - "They're from another planet. You have to remember that, it's very important you remember that they're from another planet."

Rick - "I thought having a daughter would solve the problem and I'd understand women but I'm just more confused."

Phil - "She is only five though!. Give it a few years you know."

Sav - "I think children teach you humility and constantly keep your feet on the ground. Everybody on this couch, apart from Joe, has changed nappies. And been kept awake all night with children and it teaches you the basic things in life."

What have you learned from drugs and alcohol?

Phil - "What have we learnt from drugs and alcohol?. Me personally I had to stop doing it. It's 15 years since I drank or done anything naughty like that. It killed one of us. It got one of the band members fired. And it's a very dangerous thing or it can be. And some people can handle it and some people can't."

What have you learned from journalists?

Joe - "What have we learnt from journalists?."

Sav - "Absolutely nothing."

Rick - "Yeah. Fuck all."

Joe - "Nothing. You see a journalist is one person and it's one person's opinion that is broadcast into media where hundreds, thousands or millions of people can read it."

What have you learned from show business?

Joe - "What have we learnt from show business?."

Phil - "What we've learnt is that like any big business it can be very corrupt. You can make it work for you. We're fortunate enough we've made it work for us. But there's a lot of crap there. There's some great people as well. There's some inspiring people but you just have to be lucky who you meet."

Sav - "But basically. There's no business like show business."

What have you learned from each other?

Joe - "If you want a serious answer I think what we've learnt off each other is tolerance. Friendship, love, man love, every angle of love."