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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Steve Brown Says Playing With Def Leppard Was Life Changing

Friday, 14th August 2015

Steve Brown 2015.
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Trixter guitarist Steve Brown has been interviewed by HNGN and talked about playing live shows with Def Leppard.

Steve stepped in for Vivian Campbell from September to November 2014 when he underwent Stem Cell treatment.

He had to stand in again for Vivian at the start of the US tour in late June playing four shows in San Juan (Puerto Rico), Tampa, West Palm Beach and Birmingham.

Steve spoke the HNGN about the new Trixter studio album Human Era and went on to talk about his time touring with Def Leppard and how he prepared.

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HNGN - Steve Brown Interview Quotes

What was it like?

"It's been a life-changing, dream come true to play with one of my favorite bands of all time! I first met them on the [1987] "Hysteria" tour. Phil Collen has been one of my best friends, and they've all become my older, English brothers. It's a bittersweet thing though because my friend Vivian's dealing with cancer right now. It's not an easy situation. Being in a band is not so much about just how you can play, it's the personalities. We have a lot in common. Getting along when you're in a dressing room is huge and that translates onstage. We all get along so well, so it's easy for me to be the guy to come in. I've done nine shows with them, five shows last year and just got done doing the first four shows of the American tour this year. It's been incredible, but it's a tough thing. Viv is such a fighter and is doing great right now. I think he's going to be fine. If I never play with them again, it's an experience that has changed my life forever. There were moments playing when I would look over my left shoulder and I'd be like, "Holy s---! I'm playing 'Photograph' with Def Leppard right now!"

Did you know the songs already or did you have to learn them?

"I pretty much knew everything. The most important thing, which most people don't know, is the reason I got the gig was not so much the guitar playing, but more for my vocals. None of their vocals are on tape - every vocal they do is live. It's serious business. Joe [Elliott] told me, "Don't even worry about the guitar parts, the vocals are the most important." Viv's a great singer, so I was brought in to cover his parts - the high, powerful parts. You have to have a certain kind of voice to do that. Luckily, my years of doing all the high harmonies in Trixter, 40 Ft. Ringo and Stereo Fallout paid off. It was awesome and a huge honor for me!"