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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
2015 Manchester, England Live Blog Setlist/Photo Updates

Tuesday, 15th December 2015

Def Leppard Live Setlist/Photo Updates 2015.

Def Leppard play another show on the 2015 World Tour tonight in Manchester, England and updates will appear live right here. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep refreshing the page for more updates. Setlist and live pics to appear here courtesy of fans at the show.

BLOG ENDED - Starts at 9:05pm UK Time (after WS end). Find out what time it is where you are.

The main show page will be updated after the show with a setlist and any reviews/pics. Any contributions are welcomed to the Def Leppard Tour History.

Live Setlist Updates - Manchester, England 2015

10:59pm (Local Time) - Setlist added here - Manchester 2015 Show Page

10:59pm (Local Time) - Until next time - in Cardiff show show #100 - see ya!. All further photo/videos will be added in news updates.

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10:33pm (Local Time) - Currently playing Hysteria - but you already knew that.

10:06pm (Local Time) - Is this what Joe really thinks of Manchester United?....

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7:10pm (Local Time) - Tonight's show is number 99 in 2015 and the first show in Manchester since December 2011.

7:10pm (Local Time) - Updates LIVE TONIGHT. Expect updates when available and closer to show time.

New updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.