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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
2015 Perth, Australia Live Blog Setlist/Photo Updates

Saturday, 21st November 2015

Def Leppard Live Setlist/Photo Updates 2015.

Def Leppard play another show on the 2015 World Tour today in Perth, Australia and updates will appear live right here. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep refreshing the page for more updates. Setlist and live pics to appear here courtesy of fans at the show (depending on connections).

BLOG ENDED - Lep start after 9pm local time/1pm UK. Find out what time it is where you are.

The main show page will be updated after the show with a setlist and any reviews/pics. Any contributions are welcomed to the Def Leppard Tour History.

Live Setlist Updates - Perth, Australia 2015

11:00pm (Local Time) - Setlist added here (Rock! Rock! not played) - Perth 2015 Show Page

11:00pm (Local Time) - Until next time - in Singapore - see ya!. All further photo/videos will be added in news updates.

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10:56pm (Local Time) - Locals confirm show ended - probably about 10 mins ago by now - will be able to confirm setlist later from someone who attended.

10:50pm (Local Time) - Show over now - more photos should surface and hopefully some setlist confirmation - probably the same as Melbourne but we'll see.

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10:46pm (Local Time) - You can see how low the stage roof is in that shot.

10:45pm (Local Time) - From earlier - show should be ending very soon:

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10:31pm (Local Time) - Sunset shots are always awesome:

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10:30pm (Local Time) - Live from earlier:

A photo posted by Steve Segale (@ssegale) on

10:22pm (Local Time) - And a current shot of Rocket!

A photo posted by Steve Segale (@ssegale) on

10:21pm (Local Time) - From 28 weeks ago - the view of the city of Perth from the venue - where the band will travel back to after the show:

10:19pm (Local Time) -For all we know the audience could have been touched by the "wings of an angel" - the song currently playing here.

10:17pm (Local Time) - Cool venue photo from 8 weeks ago:

A photo posted by Luke Baker (@lukebakerphoto) on

10:16pm (Local Time) - Current and uipcoming events at this venue:

A photo posted by Shiloh Perry (@shilohjp) on

10:13pm (Local Time) - Another shot of Live from earlier on.

10:11pm (Local Time) - Nice Southern Hemisphere "summer" sunset.

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A photo posted by Kerry (@kerrymccourt) on

10:08pm (Local Time) - Live on stage earlier - and two shots of the venue before Lep to follow.

A photo posted by Bruce Mate (@bruce_mates) on

10:03pm (Local Time) - Still quiet - band have been on stage for around one hour now. Album listening update- All Time High!.


9:53pm (Local Time) - Another photo from the last Perth visit on 16th October 2011 during Telethon 7.

9:51pm (Local Time) - New Ross Halfin pics from Japan - for anyone who likes that sort of thing ;).

9:50pm (Local Time) - The current temperature in Perth is 78F - in case you wondered or were concerned about that audience member.

9:47pm (Local Time) - The "crowd" shot has more Likes than the last live stage shot..."LOL".

9:45pm (Local Time) - And obviously we are now up to Armageddon It - going by the timing of the last show "probably" the same set as Melbourne.

9:42pm (Local Time) - The first of those shots (yes, there are two!...) confirms there's definitely no Thrust stage.

9:42pm (Local Time) - Of course that last shot was only added as it shows the enthusiasm of the local crowd...

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9:40pm (Local Time) - Random Facts - Perth is on Australian Western Standard Time - 3 hours difference from Sydney/Melbourne. It is also 1695 miles away from Melbourne on the West Coast of Australia.

Def Leppard 2015.

9:36pm (Local Time) - As I said - a slow one!. Band have been on stage for around 35 mins or so now. Due to end by 11pm but seeing as they were on earlier than 9:15pm probably well before then. In the meantime I'm listening to an album - photo clue above!.

9:27pm (Local Time) - Despite that tweet below there has already been some photos from the venue - may be more yet during the show and probably lots afterwards.

9:16pm (Local Time) - As you can see they have the three video screens in place and the lighting rig is much lower down than normal. No Thrust stage visible.

9:14pm (Local Time) - Def Leppard Song 1 - 'Let's Go' - safe to assume - will update set when info is available & after.

9:13pm (Local Time) - Band now on stage - might have been a 9pm start.

A photo posted by Bruce Mate (@bruce_mates) on

9:09pm (Local Time) - First Live Blog where I've done my hoovering before Lep come on stage? - just now!. That's the kind of fascinating detail that gets shared when there's nothing else to say. I'm also just makinga cup of Tea! Let's Rock! \m/.

9:02pm (Local Time) - Lep should be on stage in the next 15 mins or so. Updates will be posted when available - looks like it could be a slow one until after the show.

8:51pm (Local Time) - All is quiet - about 20 mins or so until DL - Live have now finished.

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8:31pm (Local Time) - Rick's kit from earlier on. They've managed to fit the video screen on the smaller stage. It's somewhat lower than normal.


8:26pm (Local Time) - The last time the band were in Perth they performed an acoustic version of Two Steps Behind the day after their main show. This was during the local Telethon 7 event.

8:23pm (Local Time) - DL have been going on stage at 9:15pm so far in Australia - no exact times were posted by the venue for this show. Probably will be the same. The show is due to be over by 11pm according to the venue website.

8:05pm (Local Time) - Live still on stage - as you can see from the earlier shot above it's pretty much like an US amphitheatre but with all concrete seating and a GA /Standing/floor in front of the stage.

A photo posted by Kerry (@kerrymccourt) on

8:05pm (Local Time) - And here are some shots from earlier on - Live now on stage.

8:00pm (Local Time) - While you wait for Lep enjoy some photos above of the very scenic venue shot ofver the last year by the venue and UK band London Grammar.

8:00pm (Local Time) - Tonight's show is number 91 in 2015. First photos now coming in - Baby Animals and Live playing before Lep.

8:00pm (Local Time) - Updates LIVE NOW. Expect updates when available and closer to show time.

New updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.