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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.

Media Review - Listener Review of Def Leppard Show at The Brick By Russ Baker

For Bozeman, it was pretty good. We donít get big bands here, so this is big for Bozeman. I grew up in the New York area so this is a tiny venue for me.

Styx were really good even if the remixed band is not the original. The audience really responded to them. I have to give Ďem props. They raffled off a signed guitar by the band with all proceeds going to the animal shelter in Livingston. The audio mix on Def Leppard was not good, but itís always fun to see live music on a large scale. And who doesnít love their music.

Kind of cool to see these old bands with old performers still doing it. And one armed drummers are always cool. From our seats we could see Jeff Keith of Tesla meeting lots of people on the side and taking them back stage.

By KMMS Radio 2015.

Reviews from the 2015 Bozeman, MT Show.