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Joe Elliott Says Hi Hi Hi/Art Of McCartney Song A Great Honour - Audio

Wednesday, 24th September 2014

The Art Of McCartney 2014.
The Art of McCartney

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has commented on the new Paul McCartney tribute album The Art Of McCartney whilst talking to 101 KGM FM radio earlier today.

Joe talked to the Bob And Coe show about the Down 'n' Outz, The Art Of McCartney tribute album, meeting Paul in 2010 and the NFL appearance at Wembley. They also gave away tickets to the upcoming casino shows in California.

Joe mentioned his friendship with Paul's backing band Rusty Anderson (guitars), Brian Ray (guitars), Abe Laboriel Jr. (drums) and Paul Wickens (keyboards) who back him on 'Hi Hi Hi'.

Listen to the full 8 minute interview below.

'The Art Of McCartney' is set for release on 17th/18th November and will be available in various formats. Pre order the 2CD below.

Bob And Coe - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

The Art Of McCartney Tribute Album

"Yeah doubly honoured to be involved to be quite honest. When they were putting the album together we were kind hoping that we would get Helen Wheels. You know when there's a compilation record gonna be put together as a tribute to an artist people are clamouring for what they consider to be their favourite song and sometimes you get four or five artists trying to get the same song and then management/politics get involved and it's like well I'm not doing it if he's got it and blah blah blah. We were really lucky that the songs that we wanted we got. So Leppard did Helen Wheels and then - you know as somebody that knows Macca's band quite well. Brian Ray, Rusty Anderson and Abe Laboriel. I know these guys I've kind of - I've never been too much in the inner circle of McCartney. I did meet him when they played Dublin, Ireland about four years ago. But the slightly outer circle which is his band. I've always been part of it cause a lot of our crew have worked with McCartney in the past so that's always been my in. These guys are really nice. They've always been really kind to me and they always get the wine out and offer you a drink before the gigs starts and stuff. they're good to hang out with they're funny people. They kind of made overtures towards having me involved in this so they're the band on Hi Hi Hi which I thought was a great honour."

Meeting Paul In 2010

"Yes, I met Paul in Dublin, Ireland at the RDS Arena when they played on outdoor show here in about 2009/2010 I think it was. I was talking to Abe Laboriel his drummer. Beautiful guy. Beautiful human being and he says you've never met Paul have you. And I said nah nah and then all of a sudden Paul came out of his trailer with a cup of tea or something and he shouted him over and he came over and we had a little 15 minute chat and he was very sweet. He was very, very sweet."

NFL Appearance

"I'll be doing the NFL this Sunday so. Yes, we are the pre game entertainment. Sold out in about three minutes 90,000 tickets."

The Art of McCartney - Def Leppard Song Details

  • CD1
  • 16 - Def Leppard - Helen Wheels - 3:50
  • Album Track/Single by Wings from 'Band On The Run' - October 1973 - UK #12
  • CD2
  • 04 - Joe Elliott - Hi Hi Hi - 3:10
  • Non-Album Single by Wings from December 1972 - UK #5