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Joe Elliott On Living In Dublin, Ireland - Audio/Transcript

Thursday, 23rd October 2014

Joe Elliott 2014.
Pic by Radio Nova

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Radio Nova and the audio is now available.

Joe had recorded the interview a few days before the broadcast. Not all of it was broadcast, just a short segment tied in to the shows theme of the 1980s. The Down 'n' Outz part will be played next week.

Listen to the minute interview via the station link below - starts at 27:30 mins in and lasts until 32:20 mins.

Listen to the Morning Glory segment from Tuesday - 8am hour.

Joe was photographed in studio with presenter Marty Miller who presents the morning show along with Dee Woods.

Morning Glory - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Moving To Dublin

"The reason we came here was Phay McMahon our then lighting engineer, who's now our production manager. He's from Bray, and we were looking for somewhere to go and work and we had this list of places to go and he just said why don't you just go to Dublin. They drive on the same side of the road. You can get Fish and Chips, The Daily Mirror, BBC1 and they speak English. And he says for you lot it'll be like living in Blackpool. It's a capital city with less than a million people as opposed to London."

When did they move here?

"February 1984. Booterstown opposite the Bird Sanctuary. We were fortunate enough to be - we didn't know where we were going, somebody just picked that area for us. And it was beautiful, we were like halfway to town, halfway to Dun Laoghaire (Dun Leary). Great pub just around the corner called The Punch Bowl. You know we rented a house - I won't give the address out cause it wouldn't be fair to the current owners. But it was like The Young Ones. It really was like The Young Ones and we had - the back room was the studio and we all kind of drew - I drew the straw I got the nice big bedroom but I swear to god we moved there on the 12th February 1984, by the end of that month I'd bought an apartment up Mount Merrion Avenue cause I loved it so much. I'd lived in London for three years and I knew four people. By the time I'd been here a week, we were being invited out by Stockton's Wing, U2, Simple Minds were kind of hanging around a little bit I think."

"Ireland was infiltrated. There was Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Spandau Ballet, Def Leppard and Terence Trent D'Arby. All working here, avoiding Tax or whatever they were doing. And all of a sudden, all those artists would go down The Pink Elephant - we wouldn't have looked at each other across a room at a club in London. But because we were aliens abroad - I became best mates with like Gary Kemp. Musically we couldn't be on two different planets other than we all love Bowie. But I still to this day - I was at the Zeppelin reunion show with Gary Kemp. I saw Steve Norman a month and a half ago in London. The guys in Frankie Goes To Hollywood loved us cause they all wanted to be in a rock band, they just weren't. You know, I didn't even feel that community in Sheffield. And it was artistic, it was fun. They was such a social bunch of people."

Is that still the same now?

"Yeah. I've been here longer than I've been in England by about nine years. I don't feel - I mean look. Of course you can go down the wrong street and get your head kicked in. But that can happen in Sheffield, Rotherham, London - you've gotta take that equation out. Generally speaking it's just there's no where I'd rather be. I don't mind the weather. I actually find it funny. The crappier it is the more work I get done. I go downstairs to get some stuff done. Love it here. Never going anywhere."