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Listen To Helen Wheels/Hi Hi Hi On Art Of McCartney Album Stream

Tuesday, 11th November 2014

The Art Of McCartney 2014.
The Art of McCartney

Def Leppard/Joe Elliott's versions of Helen Wheels and Hi Hi Hi can now be heard in full on The Art Of McCartney full album stream.

The album is now available to stream in various countries including via The Guardian website in the UK (other streams linked below).

If you notice the white progress bar and title at the bottom of the player 'Helen Wheels' starts just under the B of album and 'Hi Hi Hi' under the M of stream.

'The Art Of McCartney' is set for release on 17th/18th November and will be available in various formats. Pre order now from Amazon.

The Art of McCartney - Def Leppard Song Details

  • CD1
  • 16 - Def Leppard - Helen Wheels - 3:50
  • Album Track/Single by Wings from 'Band On The Run' - October 1973 - UK #12
  • CD2
  • 04 - Joe Elliott - Hi Hi Hi - 3:10
  • Non-Album Single by Wings from December 1972 - UK #5