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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Phil Collen Trebuchet Magazine Interview Part 1

Tuesday, 4th March 2014

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has been interviewed by Trebuchet Magazine about the Slang Deluxe Edition.

Phil talked about the Slang Deluxe Edition, the original album and changes in the music industry.

Part two of the interview is due to be published next week.

Trebuchet Magazine - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Slang Deluxe Edition

"We recorded it in a different way. We recorded the backing tracks live in a villa in Spain. That was something we hadn't done for years and it had a very different sound for us. It had more aggression and the whole live vibe of playing together."


"We worked so hard, sometimes it pays off and other times it doesn't. You've got to be different, special, work hard, and be prepared to drop everything and work even harder."