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Band May Release New Song In 2014/Album In 2015

Friday, 21st February 2014

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has said the band may release a song in summer 2014 and plan to release a full album in early 2015.

When asked about the current Dublin sessions Vivian said the band could yet release one song to coincide with their summer tour. He also said they aim to have a new album released a year from now in early 2015.

Vivian was speaking during an interview with All India Radio (which you can hear via the show page link below). For more on this check out the other recent radio interviews.

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All India Radio - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

Album or tour in 2014?

"All of that. It's actually gonna be a busy year for us. We're here in Dublin. We've been here about two weeks now. We are only here for the month of February. We originally booked four weeks to come and write and basically it's just a let's see what happens kind of a session. We'd all prepared a few ideas in advance and we've been here like I said almost two weeks."

Rock Songs/Recording Update

"We've got four really kind of hard rock songs written which has been very exciting, And in the last couple of days we've taken a little diversion and gotten into something that's much more a production kind of song. Much more poppy. Not a typical Leppard or certainly not a typical rock song. I'm personally hoping that we don't spend too much of our time diverting from where we originally started. And maybe it's because I've spent the last year playing with the Last In Line guys again. But I'm certainly enjoying playing rock again and we have these four rock songs on the go. So I think the short answer to the question is yes there will be a new Leppard record but no, there's no way it'll be done this year. Like I say we'll be done in another two weeks with it. With this and then we'll be parting company but we're gonna get back together here in Dublin in May most likely for another three or four weeks for round two. To finish up the ideas that we started here."

New Song In 2014/Album In 2015

"It's quite possible we may get one new song out by the summer. But that's not guaranteed. But what is quite certain is that we will tour in America this summer and details of that will probably be announced I would imagine within the next two to three weeks once it's all finalised. That's something we're definitely gonna do is undertake a summer tour in America and maybe with a new song and with a new album to follow."