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Slang Deluxe Edition Spotify Commentary Available

Tuesday, 11th February 2014

Slang Deluxe Edition Spotify.

Def Leppard's Slang Deluxe Edition is released this week and a 13 track band commentary is available now on Spotify.

The full 30 track 2CD album version has also been added.

The album commentary features a lengthy and very interesting 8 minute intro from Phil, 2 minute Vivian clip followed by short 30 second comments on every album track by Joe.

Listen below if you're a Spotify user (if not you'll have to sign up and log in). And if you're not aware Spotify no longer has a 5 play limit on songs. (BTW This should be playable for you in the US when it gets to midnight).

Slang Deluxe Edition Spotify Commentary - Joe Elliott Quote

"Truth? was one of the first, if not the first songs written for the Slang sessions way back in 1994. By the time it was released in 1996 it had gone through an entire metamorphosis from a standard rock song to something that was almost electronica. Lyrically it's a coming of age song. It's us referencing our awareness of a whole new movement that comes from a new generation of musicians who try and kick the previous regime into touch. And well, we were having none of it."