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Joe Elliott Talks About Emm Gryner Album - Audio

Monday, 22nd December 2014

Emm Gryner/Joe Elliott.
Pic by Emm Gryner

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by Metal Express Radio radio and talked about the Emm Gryner collaboration album.

Joe talked about the Down 'n' Outz UK tour, playing little clubs, the difference between Lep/DNO shows, writing original songs for a third studio album, having the side project bands play before Leppard, Vivian's health, Steve Brown, the Summer Tour 2014 with KISS, Phil's guest spot, the 2015 studio album/tour, pulling out of the Black Star Riders album, being a producer, Mutt Lange, the Emm Gryner album, Sheffield, the NFL Wembley show and Christmas/New Year plans.

News of the album was first revealed in a 2012 interview that went unnoticed until May 2013. Vegas Rocks magazine had also misheard Emm Gryner's name (see links for details). Following help from a New York based DJ who put my question about this to Joe, he revealed it was in fact Emm Gryner.

Joe told VH1 this week he still hoped to release this album in 2015.

Listen to the full 24 minute interview below - recorded on the 14th December in Newcastle.

Metal Express Radio - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Emm Gryner Album

"There's a kind of a Robert Plant/Alison Krauss album on the go with a friend of mine called Emm Gryner. She's a Canadian songstress who's been in the business for years. I met her 16 years ago when she was moonlighting as a backing vocalist for Bowie. And she'd already had about four or five albums out. She's Canadian and she's been nominated for Juno awards. She's a phenomenal writer. Great voice. Good pianist. She does an amazing like Billie Holiday piano version of Pour Some Sugar On Me on an album called Girl Versions. And we've been threatening to work together for years."

"We started about four years ago writing songs via the internet. She lives in Canada, I'm in Ireland so we don't get to see each other that much. But we were doing the opposite to what everybody would expect. I was writing the music on the piano and sending it to her and she was interpreting and writing lyrics and melodies. So that I was writing the music. She was writing the words not the other way around. And I dare say we will do some the other way but right - as of right now we've got about four or five songs written. Which we're just gonna keep chipping away at until they're done. And it's gonna be kind of like - it's not a country record. It's more like a Plant/Krauss version of Hunky Dory by Bowie. It's that kind of record - it's gonna be a bit more spacey."

Release Date?

"Yeah it could be sooner than that hopefully but again it's just down to time you know."