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Joe Elliott Planning To Release Emm Gryner Collaboration Album In 2015

Saturday, 20th December 2014

Emm Gryner/Joe Elliott.
Pic by Emm Gryner

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott revealed in 2013 he was working on an album with Emm Gryner and now says he plans to release it in 2015.

Joe was speaking to Nic Carter on VH1 on Tap during a short video interview promoting the Down 'n' Outz. A transcript/photo are available below but the video is US only.

Joe says the album will be released some time in 2015. Listen to Joe's first song with Emm below released in 2006. She also recently released an album called 'Torrential'.

News of the album was first revealed in a 2012 interview that went unnoticed until 2013. Vegas Rocks magazine had also misheard Emm Gryner's name (see links for details). Following help from a New York based DJ who put my question about this to Joe, he revealed it was in fact Emm Gryner.

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VH1 Classic On Tap - Joe Elliott Interview Transcript


"Uh, Cybernauts is, kind of…it's not defunct, it's, it's asleep. It's in a…like a…it's like a little DNA thing that needs to be like some water on it, it'll come back to life. Sadly, though, Trevor Bolder passed away. Dick Decent, the keyboard player, passed away, but there are, there are works to be finished. And, so we might re, uh - and it's never been digitally, uh, you know, it's never been available digitally so we might do some Cybernauts work down the road. But that's the only four things that I've really got, um, you know, my fingers in the pie, currently.

Emm Gryner Collaboration

"But I have got a fifth thing on the go which is gonna come out, uh, sometime next year, is working with this beautiful Canadian songstress called Emm Gryner. We've written some songs together and, uh, I'm really excited about that because it's extremely different from anything I've done in my life."

Nic Carter - Well talking about different: I find it interesting, especially when a lead singer does a solo project or a different project other than the sort of main thing they're doing, it's usually out of either A) ego, or B) they feel like they wanna do something that they can't do sort of within the construct of the band they're in. So, what was it that you wanted to get out that you weren't getting out in Leppard?

"Um…It..It didn't really work that way. It wasn't like I woke up one day and went "You know, I'm bored and and I'm not being fulfilled in Leppard." All that happened was, my favourite band reformed. And - which is Mott the Hoople - and I got wind of this six months before the shows. And they asked me would I be involved in the shows because I'd been Cultural Ambassador for thirty years telling the whole world how brilliant they are. And, as a thank you, they wanted me involved in the shows. Naively, I thought they just wanted me to introduce them. But they said, "No, we want you to put a band together and open for us on the last night of the five shows in London." So, that's the only reason the band ever started. We did the show, 45 minutes, done and dusted. Went to the bar…"

Nic - This was the Down 'n' Outz show…

"Yes, the Down 'n' Outz first show, October 6, 2009, and that was the only thing we were ever gonna do. So, it wasn't like I was bored with Leppard. Um, but we did the gig and I filmed it for posterity just so I'd have a copy for myself. But, when we went to the bar after the gig, all these kids were throwing us up against the wall going "Please record those songs!" So, I looked to the guys in the band and said, "Well, I never even considered this. Do you want to do it? And they said, "Yeah." And we did the album and all of the sudden we had two songs that were top - one of them went to number one on American rock radio. So, all of the sudden, it's like, looks like I've got a second band on the go, here. But it wasn't out of boredom or, you know, ego. It was, it was kind of a snowball that just took off on its own…"

Nic - I knew it wasn't out of ego…

"Best way, really, you know."

Nic - Yeah. Uh, they're pulling you out of here. Hopefully, you'll come back after you do your thing a little later on.

"Sure yeah, yeah…"

Nic - I could talk to you for hours…

"Yeah, I could, talk all night, man."

Nic - Joe Elliott of 19 different bands.


Many thanks to Annie.