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Joe Elliott Talks Down 'N' Outz In Glide Magazine Interview

Monday, 7th April 2014

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed whilst on holiday in Spain at the end of March by Glide Magazine to promote the Down 'N' Outz.

Joe talked about the second Down 'N' Outz album The Further Adventures Of, their next album of original material, the February Def Leppard album sessions, his ongoing album project with Emm Gryner (G.r.y.n.e.r...), Mott The Hoople and what still excites him about making music.

Glide Magazine - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Down 'N' Outz/Def Leppard

"This moment in time I've got three outlets for my songwriting. I've got Leppard and we've just written twelve new songs this February gone and I contributed to four or five of them. So it's not like the entire thing has anything to do with me. It's us. With Down N Outz so far, I've written everything, that I'm aware of. I mean, they may have written some stuff but we haven't played it to each other. I don't know what they do in their down time (laughs). But I've written these specifically for the Down N Outz."

Emm Gryner Album

"And I've got another project with a Canadian singer-songwriter called Emm Gryner and we're going to do an album that will be like a Hunky Dory version of Plant and Krauss, if you like. I'm writing most of the music for it and she's writing the lyrics and singing most of it. It's a weird concept."