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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Joe Elliott Hit Fix/Culture Pop Audio Interview Part 2

Friday, 4th April 2014

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by dltourhistory

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was interviewed by Hit Fix for their Culture Pop podcast recently and the second part lasting 45 minutes is now available.

Joe talked about touring with Blackfoot in 1981, his favourite/least favourite songs to perform, MLLAM, longevity, Ian Hunter, Mott The Hoople, One Direction, the 1983 tour passes, the Down 'N' Outz band history, the second album, a story about his Dad and the Slang Deluxe Edition.

Hit Fix/Culture Pop - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

A song you wouldn't want to sing live again?

"Make Love Like A Man I think."

I love that song!

"Nah I don't. I do not love it. I tolerate it, I tolerate it. I don't know it just, it just falls short. I think the irony that we tried to impress upon it didn't quite register. To me it's just a notch too stupid. Occasionally when you're in a great mood they all work. When you go on stage and everything's fired up they all work. But on the night's where you like, you're really kind of tired and truth be known you just wish you could skip past it to the next one. It's the only song that I ever really think bite that. But you've gotta have one I mean everybody's got one I'm sure. I mean Robert Plant refuses to do Stairway To Heaven and you know that's a much better song."

"No, no it's not like it's awful. It's just you asked me which is my least favourite - it's not my least favourite song. There's other songs that we've recorded that I really don't like. But we don't do them live."

Down 'N' Outz Artwork

"Wait till you see the artwork. We couldn't get together for a photo shoot so I had the artist do us all as cartoon characters, superheroes. The whole point of it is we're not so much superheroes. We're superheroes that trip up over our own feet. You know I wanted it to be humble. Superheroes with fun and it's a fold out poster booklet and all the little bubbles that everybody speaks are lyrics out of the songs. So it's got a mad Gary Larson-ish link to its theme. It doesn't really make any sense. It kinda makes sense if you want it to. But the songs are the important thing"

Dad Story

"My Dad used to work in a mechanic shop and he was doing some Saturday morning over time and the boss came in and he brought his little girl with him. And she had long blonde hair and her hair got caught in a lathe going around at 2300rpm and this guy just went and grabbed it. And stopped it and unravelled her hair and she didn't get scalped and they all came in on the Monday and tried to it again and not one of them could stop it. Even with gloves on they couldn't stop it. It was like where did you find that inner strength to do that?. That's when it comes back when it has to."