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Joe Elliott/Rick Savage flicksandthecity Video Interview

Monday, 16th September 2013

London 2013.
Screenshot By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage were interviewed in London last week by Flicks And The City and the video is available.

Joe and Sav were both in England last week to promote the film and it's CD/DVD/Blu-ray release.

The interview was conducted at the Gibson Guitar Center in London. They spoke about the VIVA! Hysteria film, playing the residency in Las Vegas, the CMT Crossroads appearance with Taylor Swift in 2008, the development of their music through the years, how the band have stuck together through hard times and survived and forthcoming activity.

Watch the full 13 minute video below.

Flicks And The City - Interview Quotes

Joe Elliott

"We're in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment to be quite honest because Phil, our guitar player stage left has just had surgery on his left hand so he's not gonna be able to play for about six of seven weeks, he can't play. Vivian's recovering from cancer and he's got his 8th and final chemo treatment later this week. So you know we've gotta let everybody heal and let the film do the work for us for a while and that gives everybody a chance to be at home and do the things we've never had the chance to do in 35 years. Which is enjoy the family or the house or the garden. Or whatever you know not having to get up and jump on the plane or the bus everywhere. And that's where your artistic muse kicks in because I can guarantee between now and the end of the year me and him without even knowing it will end up getting up and picking a guitar up and then phoning each other and going You wanna get together I've got this song."

Rick Savage

"No, I can guarantee that's one thing that comes out of periods like this is new material and it comes out naturally. Not because we go oh well we've got three weeks to write a song and you kind of put the spotlight on it. It will evolve like that and come Christmas then - I know that we'll have some good material that came out of this particular period."