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Band To Write New Songs For Rest Of 2013

Friday, 13th September 2013

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008. Rick Savage Sheffield 2008.
Pics By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott/Rick Savage appeared live on the Wyatt show on Planet Rock radio today and said the band plan to write new material for the remainder of 2013.

You can read a full transcription of this mornings show right here as well as listen to the full show on demand.

Sav and Joe both mentioned new material with Sav saying the band will use the rest of the year to work on new songs and into early 2014.

Planet Rock - Joe Elliott/Rick Savage Interview Quotes

Fan questions about schedule for a new studio album release?

Rick Savage

"There's no schedule cause we're not very good at sticking to 'em basically. But it's an ongoing process. I mean we're, specifically this point in time, certainly up until the new year we've got the opportunity to actually write. And we haven't really had that opportunity for about a year now. So there's a gonna be a lot that comes out of the next three or four months. You know we've got Phil our stage left guitar player has had an operation on a tendon in his hand which needed to be done cause he physically couldn't play guitar properly. So that's - he's in rehab for that. Obviously it's been well documented about Vivian's overcoming his cancer. So we're in that state where we're really - we've got the opportunity now to actually get down and write some new material which is you know kinda what keeps us going anyway. You know so that's kinda what we'll be doing for the remainder - basically the remainder of this year."

Joe Elliott

"Not so much the rehearsals, that would be really tricky!. But writings easy. I mean it happens all the time. Phil will say I've got this idea and he just sends an mp3 over of a riff or something and then you mess around with it and you send it back with some la de da over the top and then you eventually write some words or we write as individuals. You look at the three tracks on the end of Mirrorball. Undefeated was pretty much me and Sav added a bit to it. And Kings Of The World was Sav. And It's All About Believin' was Phil's. So we can you know we've kind of turned into Queen in the sense of like we all turn up with songs rather than bits of songs these days. But when we do get in a room as we did in Vegas. We actually wrote a track you know we wrote a backing track. So we've got things on the go. But you know everybody's - we're in a holding pattern because of Viv's cancer and Phil's operation."

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