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Joe Elliott Rafabasa VIVA! Hysteria Interview

Thursday, 26th September 2013

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott has been interviewed by Spanish website Rafabasa and talked about new songs and 2014 plans.

Joe talked about Vivian's health, the recent Spanish shows, the VIVA! Hysteria film/CD/DVD/Blu-ray release, playing different/rare songs in concert and new music/album talk.

Joe says he doesn't see the band making a full album as there is no audience demand for one. The band members all have 3 or 4 unfinished songs in addition to the new tune worked up in Las Vegas.

Some highlights of the interview (printed in Spanish) are shown below.

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Rafabasa - Joe Elliott Interview Highlights (from Translation)

Vivian Campbell

Mentions Vivian's last chemo treatment and his six month wait for the all clear. His positive response to his diagnosis and going on tour through it.

Spanish Shows

Enjoyed all the Spanish shows despite some sound/acoustic issues in certain venues. Sightseeing was fun in the area around Santiago de Compostela. Sad to hear of the train disaster after he got home.

Studio Album in 2014?

Joe says only journalists ask for new albums. There is no demand for them from the audience. Is sure they will have three of four new songs in the next year. Could be released as downloads online. Could be collected together later on. They will make an album when they want to do one, not when they are asked to.

Live Show Priority

May release a full album later but main focus will be live shows as fans want to see the band live.

New Songs

Joe 'Translated' Quote - " For example I will tell you that we write together a new theme in Las Vegas, and then each one of us have at least 3 or 4 almost finished songs. We just need to get together, put it in common and finishing it as DEF LEPPARD and burn it."

Or in other words "record" them. And he goes on to say they have time to do this in the next few months.