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Joe Elliott/Rick Savage Boxofficebuz Interview/Audio

Tuesday, 17th September 2013

Rick Savage Sheffield 2008. Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008. Viva! Hysteria DVD/Blu-ray 2013.
Pics By DefDazz/Darren / DVD/Blu-ray

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage attended the second screening of VIVA! Hysteria in London on 12th September and were interviewed by Boxofficebuz.

Joe and Sav were in England last week to promote the film and it's CD/DVD/Blu-ray release.

They talked about early UK concerts, playing the residency in Las Vegas, touring, mini-golf, watching the movie themselves/being self-critical, the set order/playing the full Hysteria album live, the 2013 tour and playing residencies elsewhere.

UPDATE - You can hear the audio of this entire interview that was recorded in a room full of various journalists via this link -

Boxofficebuz - Rick Savage Interview Quote

"It was a bit of a worry, but from the first night on, in the concept of what we were doing, it was absolutely perfect. The crowd bought into the whole concept and that's the important thing, so it actually felt natural. It just didn't feel strange whatsoever. In fact, it would have felt strange looking back if we mixed the order up, it would have been stupid to do that, in order to accommodate, shall we say, Animal, Hysteria, and Pour Some Sugar On Me as the last three songs. It wouldn't have been the same as it was. To do it as the album, with a crowd who are familiar with the album, that added to it. So Love and Affection, although your first instinct is to go, you can't end a set like that - it actually really, really worked."