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Phil Collen WSDI Radio Interview Audio/Quotes

Friday, 12th October 2013

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.
Pic By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen was interviewed by WSDI Radio last night and some highlights quotes are available.

Phil talked to host Steve Benz for over 40 minutes about the weather in California, his recent surgery, the VIVA! Hysteria concert film, the CMT Crossroads show with Taylor Swift, how he joined the band and recording the Pyromania album, the studio vs playing live, Rick Allen's car accident, the failed live concert film in 2012 and filming the residency, future plans, the Slang reissue, new recordings, the history of Manraze, the new I Surrender EP, his Delta Deep project with Debbi Blackwell-Cook, favourite venues to play/guitars, how Def Leppard/Manraze write songs and Vivian Campbell's illness.

The full 45 minute audio should be available soon via the link below.

All previous updates on this release and new music can be found in the Album News section.

The Blend - Phil Collen Interview Quotes

Aborted Concert Film/VIVA! Hysteria

Phil - "We were gonna record last year. We were actually gonna record a live show - we was actually gonna do it in Texas. And something happened with the company that was supposed to do it and we never got around to it. So we were kinda bummed. Then all of a sudden we get this offer from the Hard Rock in Vegas. The Joint and they said will you guys do a residency and if you do would you do Hysteria so we were like whoah what a great opportunity."

Future Plans For Def Leppard/VIVA! Hysteria Release

Phil - "Obviously the DVD of the live thing and a CD and we also was our own opening act. We played not just the Hysteria stuff but we'd play all the deep cuts. Stuff off the first album, B-Sides and Pyromania stuff. Slang stuff it was all over the place. The first 45 minutes we'd do all these different songs than Hysteria every night so we're gonna put that on there as well. So that comes out."

Slang Reissue

Phil - "We re-release Slang the album that's actually coming out on iTunes probably next year."

Next Album/EPs

Phil - "And then we're gonna go in the studio as soon as my hand's better and we're actually gonna start writing some new material. So I'm not sure when that'll be out but we're gonna start the process in like January or February."

A long process to put a CD together for you guys?

Phil - "With us it always is you know. We're kind of pretty slow at that it's like in my other band Manraze we zoom through stuff you know and get it done really quick. But with Def Leppard we've got this kind of habit of going in there and kind of taking a long time. So I think maybe it wouldn't be an album. Maybe it'd be like the odd track. But we're actually gonna work towards doing an album. We just don't know when it will be ready. We still will, we'll still work towards that but you're absolutely right. Most people including me buy you know stuff separately. It's rare that I even buy a whole album. It'll be like the odd song here and there. So yeah it's probably the way to go."