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Joe Elliott/Rick Savage GibsonGuitarUK Video Interview

Saturday, 5th October 2013

London 2013.
Screenshot By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage were interviewed in London a few weeks ago by GibsonGuitarUK and the video is available.

Joe and Sav were both in England in late September to promote the film and it's CD/DVD/Blu-ray release.

They talked about playing the full Hysteria album live, what the album means to them, how the residency came about, how happy they are with the VIVA! Hysteria sound and future plans.

Watch the full 6 minute video below.

GibsonGuitarUK - Interview Quotes

Rick Savage on future plans

"Write songs, think about next year. We're constantly - it appears that we're doing nothing but we're constantly doing something you know it just may not be on a regular basis and on a continual basis. The one thing I think that keeps the band going is the urge to continue writing new material and to us that's still really, really important because it keeps us soft of feeling more worthwhile within the band."

"It's something that we love doing so that's always an ongoing thing you know. And we're at a stage within the next four or five months where just through certain circumstances that we can sort of be open for that period of time just for writing cause there won't be any touring or anything like that. So it's gonna be a great period to actually just from an unforced point of view to actually start writing some new songs and getting new material together."

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