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Vivian Campbell Says Band To Record In Feb 2014

Saturday, 19th October 2013

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic By DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Eddie Trunk last week and a highlights transcript is available.

Vivian says the band will attempt to record a new song live at Joe's studio in February 2014.

Vivian talked about seeing AC/DC live with Bon Scott, his current health situation, touring with Lep/Last In Line in the summer, the VIVA! Hysteria release, Ded Flatbird, rare songs in Vegas, a second residency, Last In Line's current touring, the DIO years, his solo writing and Leppard's recording plans in 2014.

The interview is being re broadcast this weekend on US radio stations that carry the Eddie Trunk Rocks show (first aired on 11th October).

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Eddie Trunk Rocks - Vivian Campbell Interview Highlights Transcript

Solo Album/Heavy Guitar Style To Influence Lep Sound?

"Absolutely, yeah definitely. I have been writing songs. I have been attempting to do a record of my own actually which I want to be very guitar centric. Not like an instrumental record. I'm not an instrumental music fan but you know definitely riff oriented heavy guitar playing. And I've been writing songs for that. Obviously I've gotta give first dibs on those songs to Def Leppard. So it's a question of whether or not they have interest in them. But I'm certainly writing in that style yeah."

Def Leppard 2014 Recording Plans

"I saw Phil and Rick Allen about two or three weeks ago and we had dinner and we were discussing this and you know our plan is actually to go over to Dublin and Joe's studio in the early new year - probably in February and actually try and cut a track live in the studio, cause I really do think there's a whole different energy level when Def Leppard plays live as opposed to the traditional way that we record. Which is piece meal you know and we work to a click track. To a machine and it's always one guy at a time and it's very, it's a very slow laboured process. And it really you know in my opinion it becomes kind of anaemic after a while you know but yet when you get the five of us in a room and we're actually shifting air together. There really is a whole different set of dynamics."

"So we're gonna try and - they agreed and we're actually gonna try and capture some of that. And it you know it might not be the greatest song in the world that we're gonna start with. And we don't even really care about what the song is. We just want something to get - to try and get the juices flowing."

"So that's kind of our focus and we're gonna try to at least cut one track like that in February in Dublin. And you know obviously there's more commercially oriented songs that we're gonna be focussing on and we're gonna talk about working with different producers and stuff and we're actually we're very embarrassed about how long it's taken us to get new music out. It's getting to be a new record now!."