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Vivian Campbell Talking Metal Audio Interview

Wednesday, 24th July 2013

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.
Pic by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by Talking Metal to promote the upcoming Last In Line shows.

Vivian talked about his illness, DIO, Last In Line and briefly about the Def Leppard tour/recording new music.

Vivian's segment starts at 29mins into the 54 minute podcast and lasts until just before 48 mins in.

Talking Metal - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

"The shows have been going great, ya know. It all happened a little haphazardly. We weren't supposed to work this summer at all but we got offered a festival date in France and, um, we agreed to take that on and then of course the management and the agent said "while you're over there, why don't you play shows in Spain." And then we went, "okay we'll do that" and then "we got this great offer from Scandinavia so why don't you go up there and do a few shows and on your way back why don't you…"

"It was kind of never ending so we had to draw a line under it at some date so, yes, tonight is the last show. We are at a place called Canandaigua in upstate New York. It is near Rochester. We've never played here specifically before. Were at the hotel and we are going to head over to sound check in a while. That's the story, it's been going great. The band is sounding good but that is it for this year. We will be active again next year and in the meantime we might even get our proverbial finger out of our proverbial ass and write and record a few new songs. It's long overdue."