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Vivian Campbell Talks New Music With 96.7 KCAL

Friday, 1st February 2013

Vivian Campbell 2013.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has talked about new music once again in a video interview with KCAL Rocks.

Vivian talked about Engl Amps, the VIVA Hysteria! residency in Las Vegas and a great length about the bands recording plans and the direction of future material. He also goes on to talk about Last In Line.

Vivian was interviewed by DJ Frankie DiVita of KCAL Rocks radio on 26th January at the NAMM show where he helped launch a Buddy Blaze guitar. Read some quotes below and watch the full video.

Vivian was also interviewed by Frankie at the same show in 2012.

KCAL Rocks - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

How Vegas residency came about?

"Well I believe Motley Crue did it a year or two ago and Guns N' Roses so typical Def Leppard we're kind of slow to catch onto anything."

"We heard from Nikki Sixx actually, we did some English dates with them and Nikki and Tommy and Vince were saying that you know it was actually a really great time for them and so it seemed like a good thing for us to do and we don't have to travel too much. Three of us live in Southern California so it's an easy commute and I think more importantly the fact that we're all gonna be together in one place for a period of time. With not that many, we're only doing three shows a week so it's given us an opportunity to actually write some new material because we live all over the world so we don't actually see each other when we're not touring so it's very difficult for Def Leppard as a band to actually to be together and to be able to focus on something other than doing a show and getting on a bus and travelling to the next city."

"We're taking a little Pro Tools rig out with us and we're gathering ideas for what will be a future Def Leppard recording."

Direction of new songs?

"We're like a dog without a head we have no fucking direction, are you kidding me?. You know, what we'd really like to do is build songs from riffs the way the band used to do it. But it's difficult to do that, it's a nice concept to talk about. It's another thing to actually put it into practice and make it a reality. But I believe that's what we're gonna try and do to start with initially you know and see if we can get the songs that are more reflective of everyones personality within the band and some kind of interaction within us. In recent years and with the advent of technology like Pro Tools and everyone's got a little home studio so it's been kind of too easy for us to sit at home and develop complete song ideas and then just trade files with each other. And that's cool but it doesn't really reflect a band's personality as much as individuals writing songs so that's what we're aiming for. Like I said before though it's one thing to talk about it, it's another thing to actually make it happen. All we can do is try."

Being in one place you might do it.

"We might or we might just lose our fortune to gambling and become chronic alcoholics."

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