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Rick And Paige Savage On Ireland AM TV Show

Tuesday, 5th February 2013

Rick Savage 2013.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard bassist Rick Savage and his wife Paige appeared on TV3's Ireland AM show yesterday morning and a video is available.

The pair were promoting a charity fashion event which is taking place on Wednesday night in Dublin.

During the 12 minute interview they talked about having moved away to Sheffield for ten years before recently moving back to Dublin, the ISPCC fashion show, Sav's association with the Childline charity, (very briefly) about the VIVA Hysteria! residency and also share the story of the night they met.

View some screenshots from the appearance below and read a few quotes.

Ireland AM Gallery

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Ireland AM - Rick Savage Interview Quotes


"Well we decided to move about ten years ago back to where I came from. Our two boys - well Scott our youngest was just about to be born and Tyler was 18 months at the time. And we just wanted a different start. I had been here for 20 odd years, Paige had grown up here and we just thought we'd kinda go back to my roots and (Paige interrupts saying it was "crap") - Paige kinda thought she was walking on to the set of Emmerdale Farm. To be fair we did actually miss a lot of friends over here."

Fashion Show/Catwalk

"We're gonna try yeah. I mean this is something I've never done before. Obviously Paige is used to it but there will be a lot of professionals there as well I might add. It's basically a fun night and it's for a great cause. There's going to be loads of different things going off and hopefully Brian Kennedy can give me a few pointers on how to sort of walk down the catwalk."

Childline Charity

"I think that's the important thing I mean there's loads of charities and they're all great causes but with Childline and the involvement with children, abuse of children is something that stays with them, children eventually turn into adults and in a certain sense they can become damaged adults and the cycle continues. That's why to us it is so important. I mean one fact that was brought to my attention was that on Christmas Day alone Childline received 1,300 calls. Just like - basically cries for help. Children that wanted to be on the line as they were opening their presents and things like that because there was problems within the family home and that is what makes it so special a charity for us. I've been aware and supported this charity for nearly 30 years now through my association and friendship with Caroline Downey who's a major part of the charity itself so when we were asked t do it it was a no brainer."

Def Leppard/VIVA Hysteria!

"Well, we're still touring yeah. We're having a little bit of a break at the moment but we're back out in March and April."

"It's something that we've kind of - when you're about six weeks into a tour and you've clocked up about ten thousand miles. You sometimes have conversations along the lines of 'Gee it's great to get up on stage but I'm really sick of this travelling' and then somebody always says yeah it would be great if we just did one gig - sorry, a gig in one city, in one venue and make it last for a month."

"Well it's really about as easy as you can get cause we're playing - it's three shows a week and it's gonna be spread over about four or five weeks so from the end of March until the middle of April we're gonna be with the likes of Elton John and Celine Dion. Absolutely right if it's good enough for Frank (Sinatra) it's good enough for us."

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