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Phil Collen Track By Track Review Of Hysteria Album

Wednesday, 11th December 2013

Hysteria 1987.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen recently reviewed the Hysteria album track by track for Goldmine magazine.

Phil went through all 11 tracks on the classic 1987 album and gave his thoughts on them 26 years after the album's release.

Read a quote below.

Goldmine Magazine - Phil Collen Interview Quote


"We pieced together that song. I remember we were sitting in Dublin, and Rick Savage goes, "Oh, I've got this riff." He played it, and I literally just sung the first verse. It was the first thing that came out of my head and I was like, "Write this down; record it." We did the next bit. It literally happened so quickly that we had half of the song. We took it to Steve, Mutt and Joe, and it turned out to be something else. It was pretty cool. You try things, and sometimes they don't work, but that is where Mutt was so brilliant. He is not only a brilliant songwriter, he is a brilliant singer. He sings backing vocals with us on the entire album. "Love Bites" is mainly him on backing vocals."