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Band To Work With Top Producer On New Song

Saturday, 10th August 2013

Vivian Campbell 2013.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell was interviewed by Planet Mosh in Belfast and said the band plan to work with a top producer on a new song, possibly Mutt Lange.

The band members have mentioned they will be writing/recording new music in the coming months. Vivian has now said they hope to work with an outside producer and one of the candidates is Mutt Lange. Mutt co-wrote three songs with them in 1999 for the 'Euphoria' album. He also co-wrote a couple of songs in the last few years that were never quite finished off.

Vivian talked about Last In Line in the rest of the interview and how he is dealing with his medical treatments. Watch the full almost 10 minute video below.

Last In Line play their third UK show today at the Bloodstock festival.

Planet Mosh - Vivian Campbell Interview Quotes

VIVA! Hysteria Release

"It's a DVD, Blu-ray thing and its also going into movie theatres in October or September or something so that's exciting for us. They announced that yesterday. We've never done anything like that before so that was - it was a good place to do it because we were in the same venue for a month and they shot that over two different nights. Once we were already in there and kind of comfortable with it. I haven't actually seen it yet myself. I'm sure it'll be interesting"

Future Plans/New Material

"We're not gonna do anything until probably Spring of next year so it gives me time to do Last In Line. We're so long overdue having new music and that's a bit of a contentious issue within the band because we can't really - we all agree that we have to do something new but we can't really agree on what. Like should it be a whole album or should it be just a couple of tracks or an EP. Should it be harder rock or should it be you know more commercially stuff. So if you ask anyone in the band you'll get five different answers."

"But we are focussing on writing on new music and we would like to work with a producer. And people always say well why don't you work with Mutt Lange. Believe me we would love to work with Mutt Lange again but it's hard to pin him down to a schedule. But we would like to work and do something, at least one track with a producer so we've kind of got feelers out there to a couple of different producers as well as Mutt. Hopefully it'll be Mutt if not hopefully it'll be someone else who can bring something to the table."