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Friday, 22nd March 2013

Las Vegas, NV - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - By Michele Ost from New York

Finally arrived in Las Vegas from New York after snow caused a four hour delay. Doesn't matter now we are here and ready to be rocked. The Hard Rock is decked out with Viva Hysteria memorabilia (Joe's red plaid suit from the cover of Rolling Stone, Ricks prototype drum kit, along with the guitars and stage gear worn from the Hysteria era. Also right outside the joint is a gigantic wall filled with lithographs, cd's, gold and platinum records. Some of which are from Rick Allen's private collection. Pretty cool. Tonight we have 3rd row VIP tickets between Joe and Sav ( not a bad place to be ;).

7:35pm Walking in to the Joint to the pa playing funeral for a friend sung by the one and only Joe Elliott. Crowd looks awesome. Lots of people in 80's wigs and spandex not to mention a few union jack shirts.

Seems the folks are dressed up hoping to get a spot in the Viva Hysteria dvd that Def Leppard are filming for.

After a long 4months of waiting and anticipation for these shows they finally have arrived! Show one of Viva Hysteria is about to start as The Who's "We don't get fooled again" is blasting and the lights go out. The curtains open and the lights come up with the band playing the last verse of the song. Oh but wait, its not Def Leppard ?? There's an opening band? Wtf? Ded Flatbird? I don't get it. It's not written on the ticket.... Ok I ll give them a shot. Actually they sound pretty damn good and I must admit..... didn't think anyone could work that thrust like Joe Elliott but their singer Booty Ruben is pretty hot. He's got the look and the voice! He's complaining that Joe Elliott told Def Flatbird they cannot use the catwalk so he told Joe to F off they're using it lol. Love this guy! They break in to Good Morning Freedom a b side from the Hello America single! Nice rarity! Crowd eating it up!

Next up Wasted! One of my favorites! Doesn't disappoint live. Wow. Was lucky enough to see and hear it live back on the X tour at the Beacon Theatre in NYC when the guys decided to do an unheard of impromptu 3 rd encore. Very well received. Mirror, Mirror! Good ol High and Dry. Always brings back great memories and the diehards are loving every second. Phil's blazing on Let It Go. Ummmm I mean Chingy Chapman ;). Yeah Slang's back! Everyone singing and dancing like fools. Great fun! Ded Flatbird finishing up with Heartbreak and Switch 625. Wow their drummer "Camp Out" has got Rick's beats down. Oh man, Leppard has some big shoes to fill after this set. Intermission time. Hope the guys are ready :(.

After about a 15 minute break the sold out crowd were on their feet as the Viva Hysteria experience was about to begin. With the undeniable guitar intro to "Women", it had begun. It was no doubt the guitar virtuoso Phil Collen. I knew this because unlike the guitarist for the opening band he did not have a shirt on ;). There was a huge Union Jack as the backdrop behind the band. Video screens were ablaze with classic band photos and videos as well as some very cool graphics. As the band ripped in to such classics as "Rocket", "Animal", and "Love Bites" they had the crowd captivated as the songs sounded flawless. The band was very playful with the crowd and seemed to be having a great time themselves.

"PSSOM" was extra special for this reviewer on this particular evening. My friend Michelle and her husband Michael submitted a video in the "PSSOM" video contest with the winners having their videos played on the screen while the band is playing the song! While my friends are lip syncing rockers I play a cameo role of a "fairy", very funny and actually got us up on the screen! Lol. After almost laughing ourselves to death over the video the next song up was "Hysteria". I must have listened to this song thousands of times and it is still incredible. I really enjoyed hearing "Don't shoot shotgun", "Run Riot", and "Love and Affection". The guys really nailed them and the crowd showed their approval! I must say the most poignant moment of the evening was the video tribute to the unforgettable Steve "Steamin" Clark before "Gods of War". There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Especially when I saw Sav so intensely playing to Steve's image on the screen. One of my favorites moments of the show.

What an amazing first show. Joe looking and sounding great, our guitar gods Phil n Viv flawless, and Sav and the Thunder God could probably play in different rooms and never miss a beat. Thank you for another incredible experience I will never forget. Until next time, and there will be a next time! ( Sorry I couldn't help it!) Going back for two more shows and the meet and greet next week! Feel so grateful.


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