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Friday, 22nd March 2013

Las Vegas, NV - Fan Reviews

Fan Review - Viva Hysteria show #3 March 27th Review By Carlos Gonzalez from Mexico

It is called the Sin City. But for a little while is Leppard City, and it is fantastic. You can see ads in bus stops, billboards, trucks going up and down the boulevard, in local magazines, on video screens etc. It was very pleasant to see your favorite rock band gettin' some of the spotlight they deserve.

It's overwhelming the amount of entertainment available in Vegas. But these "Viva! Hysteria" shows were meant to be special. To witness this is something to remember and something you tell your grandsons someday. For Def, maybe it'll be the story of all stories, the epitome of something that ocurred in late 80's greater than the band itself: to be the biggest act, #1 in the charts, on top of the world.

Las Vegas Pics - Submitted By Carlos Gonzalez

Drama and rock history

At Hard Rock Hotel the very first thing you see is a jewel, the authentic and only one Rick's drum kit used during the Hysteria era. To look at it, touch it, feel it, it's mythical. It's like the Hysteria song says: a magical mysteria. The drum kit display has a feeling of nostalgia, combined with the drama of the tragedy that almost took Allen's life. This piece in particular it's not only memorabilia, it's part of music history.

View the videos here - Rick's Drums Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Someone asked me if you could feel Steve's presence there. I'd say not in the drum kit spot, but maybe in the display with the guitars, where they include one of him. To see this collection of guitars and the RIAA award for 10 million copies sold is just exciting. And the wall collection of Rick's and Viv's awards was simply something else. It's just wow! I was taking a picture there when Malvin walked closer to me and said: "That's one hell of a dashboard there!". The people's faces (and I suppose mine too), were a mix of admiration, respect, and the ackowledgement of a brilliant career told by these items.

The Hangover

2 hrs. before the show 5 guys from Mexico City were taking pictures with the awards in the background and booze in their hands. The scene was part of a bachelor's party trip in the vain of "The Hangover" movie. These dudes didn't know Def was in town. They were just in the middle of their bachelor's party business when they were told about Viva Hysteria and immediately went to buy tickets. They were lucky enough to find seats in the upper section. I explained to them what this show was and they were impressed. It all ended up with a toast and the congratulations to the future husband. Hope they weren't too drunk during the show, ha.

After this I had the opportunity to say hello to Helen (again). I remarked I came from Mexico just to see this concert and told her: "Tell Phil there's a lot of fans in my country and we hope Viva Hysteria is played there". She answered: "He knows. It's up to the promoters".

Pickin' up the "thing"

Inside The Joint I met Fernando and Laura, two die hard fans who traveled from Mexico too. I was talking to Fernando with a beer on my hand, and some guy asked me if that "thing" right next to my feet is mine. I look down and It was a guitar pick with Joe's signature in the back!!! Of course I told the stranger it was mine and pretended it just fell down from my pocket, but the truth is I haven't even seen it before. It was right there, on the floor, waiting for someone to grab it and probably would've never seen it!!! Luckily for me I could get it and add it to my now 5 guitar picks collection. Laura and Fernando took pictures with Helen, but I got the guitar pick, hehe.

Ded Flatbird

Everyone seems to like the Flatbird's setlist. For me, it's great that they include recent material like "C'mon, c'mon", combined with the dark cuts like "Mirror, mirror". Maybe something from X album was missing. But I can't complain. It was a good and unique setlist and that's priceless. During the souncheck "Rock Brigade" and "Undefeated" were played. Chance those 2 would be included were high. And so it was. Great guitar solo by Phil on Love n' hate collide. Great guitar solo by Viv on OTTN. Loved to hear "Rock Brigade" and I liked "Undefeated" closing the first part, like saying: this is us now!

The sound was good and the production is stripped down, but we knew more bombastic things were coming later, so we enjoyed it as it is. I felt the atmosphere was good. It's not the overwhelming emotion that latinos add during a concert, but still there was decent reactions even for the obscure songs. The majority were people in their 30's, 40's and 50's. I was in the middle of the ramp on Phil's side and that let me shake my right hand with Joe twice.

Mass Hysteria

I forgot it all starts with Phil on the platform at the end of the ramp. But Laura was right there. She had details of that moment: there's no a tunnel under the ramp. Phil walks between the audience, dressed with a green cape, like a boxer. Two people help him to get up the platform and it starts to rise. All of this was right in Laura's face and she put her hand over Phil and she even felt the body oil on him. That's what she said...

Loved "Rocket" and all the vintage tv's in the back. It was perfect. The lyrics for Love Bites in the screen slowly appearing was a nice touch too. Armaggedon it was a surprise with all the info on the screens in the style of matrix and Van Halen's "Right Now" video. It gives a new perspective to the song. I'm happy they gave credit and show a lot of respect for all Steve's contribution, specially during Gods of War. Run Riot showed footage from protests and the highlight is that Joe reached those high notes.

Hysteria is always a highlight for me. And since now I know the REAL meaning of this song (according to a chat between my friend Eduardo and Rick Allen) I just looked up to the roof/sky and screamed to the Big Guy (the one this track is dedicated to: thanks for my newborn baby). And to close this epic performance: Love n' affection. Sounded as if we were listenting to the CD. Tight, precise, perfect timing.

Me and Sari tried to get the setlist but the curtain was closed before the techs appear. At least five people told me they wanted my t-shirt, haha. As I said, it was a night to remember. A story of all stories in Sin City.


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