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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
Quebec City Live Blog Setlist/Photos

Saturday, 13th July 2013

Quebec City Live Blog 2013.

Def Leppard play the 10th show of the summer 2013 tour tonight in Quebec City, Canada and updates will appear live on this blog. This page will feature updates as and when they happen from this show including the setlist.

Keep refreshing the page for more updates. Setlist and live pics to appear here courtesy of fans at the show (depending on connections).

Blog NOW ENDED - Lep due on at 9:30pm ET (2:30am UK). Find out what time it is where you are HERE

The main show page will be updated after the show with a setlist and any reviews/pics. Any contributions are welcomed.

Live Blog - Quebec City 2013

11:28pm (Local Time) - Confirmed Setlist now added here - Quebec City 2013 Show Page

11:28pm (Local Time) - Pic - Def Leppard - show over!.

11:24pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Photograph

11:18pm (Local Time) - Video Link - ROA

11:16pm - Def Leppard Song 17 - 'Photograph'

11:16pm - Def Leppard Song 16 - 'Rock Of Ages' - encore time

11:04pm - Def Leppard Song 15 - 'Let's Get Rocked'

11:00pm (Local Time) - Video Link - PSSOM - 2

11:00pm (Local Time) - Video Link - PSSOM - 1

10:58pm - Def Leppard Song 14 - 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'

10:56pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Armadgeddon It

10:54pm - Def Leppard Song 13 - 'Armageddon It'

10:51pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Hysteria

10:49pm (Local Time) - Pic - Def Leppard.

10:47pm - Def Leppard Song 12 - 'Hysteria'

10:45pm (Local Time) - Pic - Def Leppard.

10:42pm - Def Leppard Song 11 - 'Switch 625'

10:42pm - Def Leppard Song 10 - 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak'

10:38pm (Local Time) - Pic - Def Leppard.

10:36pm - Def Leppard Song 9 - 'Don't Shoot Shotgun'

10:35pm - Def Leppard Song 8 - Steve Guitar Solo Video/'Gods Of War'

10:32pm (Local Time) - Could be playing Gods Of War now - some chatter about archive video and Steve - we'll see.

10:28pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Love Bites

10:21pm (Local Time) - Pic - Def Leppard.

10:17pm - Def Leppard Song 7 - 'Rocket'

10:16pm (Local Time) - Pic - Phil.

10:13pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Love Bites

10:11pm - Def Leppard Song 6 - 'Women'

10:09pm (Local Time) - Pic - Love Bites.

10:06pm - Def Leppard Song 5 - 'Love Bites'

10:03pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Foolin'

10:02pm - Def Leppard Song 4 - 'Make Love Like A Man'

9:59pm (Local Time) - Video Link (another bizarre Vine video) - Lep Intro

9:55pm - Def Leppard Song 3 - 'Foolin''

9:51pm - Def Leppard Song 2 - 'Animal'

9:49pm (Local Time) - Pic - Def Leppard now on stage!.

9:48pm (Local Time) - Pic - Foreigner.

9:45pm - Def Leppard Song 1 - 'Action'

9:43pm - Def Leppard Song 0 - 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.

9:39pm (Local Time) - The Who intro music has begun!

9:39pm (Local Time) - Pic - Danko Jones.

9:35pm (Local Time) - Pic - Danko Jones/10 mins to go apparently-slight delay.

9:30pm (Local Time) - Pic - Slightly different scene to earlier.

9:25pm (Local Time) - Lep may be starting 10mins or more later than planned (9:30pm was the scheduled start).

9:25pm (Local Time) - Pic - Stage from earlier on.

9:22pm (Local Time) - Foreigner are done as of a couple of mins ago.

9:20pm (Local Time) - Pic - Stage close up.

9:18pm (Local Time) - Starting to get close to the Las Vegas/VIVA Hysteria! Live Blog time zone..."ooh la la!"

9:16pm (Local Time) - Pic - Danko Jones from earlier.

9:14pm (Local Time) - Video Link (Getting dark now) - Foreigner - IWKWLI

9:11pm (Local Time) - Pic - Stage ready for Danko Jones earlier.

9:07pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Foreigner - Juke Box Hero

9:05pm (Local Time) - Pic - Stage earlier on before Danko Jones/30 mins or less until Lep.

9:01pm (Local Time) - Pic - Might not be 100,000 but there's a sizeable crowd there!.

8:57pm (Local Time) - Pic - Tonight's venue as shot at the 11th July show (festival runs from 4th-14th).

8:51pm (Local Time) - Pic - Crowd shot from earlier.

8:48pm (Local Time) - Not sure how many are there tonight but the venue can hold over 100,000 people.

8:45pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You - again

8:42pm (Local Time) - Pic - Def Leppard soundcheck from a few hours ago.

8:38pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You

8:35pm (Local Time) - Foreigner have played 'Waiting For A Girl Like You' - studio version produced by Robert John 'Mutt' Lange.

8:33pm (Local Time) - Pic - Stage with video screens (the festivals, not Leps) but they'll likely be using them tonight.

8:28pm (Local Time) - Pic - Stage being built a few days ago.

8:23pm (Local Time) - Video Link - Foreigner

8:20pm (Local Time) - The Gilford, NH/Canandaigua, NY shows will have multiple live bloggers in place so we will have two good ones to end with - until next summer

8:13pm (Local Time) - The only other shows played by Lep in the province of Quebec have been in Montreal - 8 in total, also since June 1983.

8:09pm (Local Time) - Pic - Tickets.

8:01pm (Local Time) - 90 mins to Def Leppard who are on at 9:30pm local - Foreigner have just started.

7:56pm (Local Time) - The band watched Guns N' Roses headline on the same stage last night - which was due to start at 9pm...

7:50pm (Local Time) - This is the 8th show the band have played in Quebec City since that first one in 1983.

7:50pm (Local Time) - Pic - A longer shot of the stage.

7:45pm (Local Time) - Tonight is a return to the city which hosted the first ever Def Leppard concert in Canada - 7th June 1983 at the Quebec Coliseum during the Pyromania tour.

7:40pm (Local Time) - Danko Jones seem to have just mentioned Vivian - who is perhaps watching side stage.

7:35pm (Local Time) - From this webcam (you can't see much though) - Local Webcam (SUD View)

7:35m (Local Time) - Pic - The venue for tonight's show - Bell Stage at Plaines d'Abraham (Plains of Abraham).

7:30pm (Local Time) - Expect updates every 5mins or so but it will pick up closer to Lep's stage time.

7:30pm (Local Time) - First act Danko Jones started 30 mins ago on the main Bell Stage. Foreigner due on at 8pm, Lep at 9:30pm.

12:30am (UK Time) - Pics will be added before show starts and then pics/setlist updates will follow.

12:30am (UK Time) - Blog is NOW LIVE. Expect updates every few mins or so after the show starts.

As with other live blogs - new updates will appear above this, each with a new time. Refresh to keep seeing them.