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News - Joe Elliott Talks About Def Leppard Slang Reissue

Sunday, 30th September 2012


Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott gave another mention to the reissue of the 1996 Slang album on his Planet Rock radio show last night.

While no more details were given Joe again said it would be out on double CD and vinyl. The latest mention came after he opened his show with 'Gift Of Flesh'. Vivian Campbell told fans on 17th September the release would 'hopefully' be before Christmas.

All previous updates on this release and new music can be found in the Album News section.

The Joe Elliott Show - 29th September Quote

"Hold the front page because I'm about to make an announcement. The Def Leppard Slang album, originally released in 1996, is very soon to be released in extended form, massively extended form it'll be double vinyl, double CD and of course it'll be available on digital."

"There's an abundance of bonus material - it's really incredible what we dug up and if you're a Leppard fan, specifically of that record, I think you're really gonna like what you hear. What you just heard from the original album back in 1996 was Gift Of Flesh."

Def Leppard - Slang 1996

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