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News - Joe Elliott Says New Def Leppard Single Is A Great Pop/Rock Song

Wednesday, 16th May 2012

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by 106.3 The Surf radio and talked about the new single It's All About Believin'.

Joe talked about the single which was released to US rock radio on 2nd May and is currently doing well on media based charts. Listen to a five minute clip from the interview below.

106.3 The Surf - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

The New Single It's All About Believin'

"Well it's one of the three new songs on the end of the Mirrorball album. And the thing that pleases me the most about these three songs is how different they are from each other. I think that's really important for a band like us. We've always kind of said that - we've always wanted that power and tightness of a band like AC/DC. But if there's a downside to that, which there isn't really is that AC/DC are never gonna do a ballad. We like doing acoustic things occasionally or big harmonies. You're not gonna get that with AC/DC. So when we do a rock song we want it to sound in that vain of an AC/DC. But when we do something a bit more adventurous than that you know we want it to be linked into the Queen side of our DNA you know. Huge Queen fans, we always have been."

"When you listen to the three new songs that we put out there. Undefeated which was the one that came out for the last tour is like a big anthemic classic stadium rock anthem if you like. The song Kings Of The World is like a kind of typical kind of big Queen, clever chords, huge harmonies."

"But then It's All About Believin' the new single, which is the one that Phil brought to the table. This is one of the songs that if you could listen to it with an open mind it sits like right in between Hysteria and Animal. It's a great pop rock song and we've always been really good at writing them."

"For me I was just over the moon that we brought these three songs together and managed to get them finished and on the album. This direction that the bands gonna go in is so vast and varied that nobody really knows which turns we're gonna take. You're not gonna get an album like Back In Black out of Def Leppard. You'll get a song like Back In Black but then it'll be mixed in with a Bohemian Rhapsody or a Sweet Home Alabama or you know just things that are just slightly different."

"We like to be everybody's - just a load of different flavours. It's got to be just like a menu - a Def Leppard record has like a menu. You know, not just one piece of food or whatever it's got to be vast and different. You know It's All About Believin' it's just one of those real infectious kind of three, four minute pop songs that's got a great chorus. It's got all the ingredients of a song that just gets under your skin ad stays there."

By 106.3 The Surf

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