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News - Joe Elliott Recalls Def Leppard/Tom Cruise 2011 Meeting

Wednesday, 16th May 2012

Joe Elliott Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was recently interviewed by 106.3 The Surf radio and talked about the June 2011 meeting with Tom Cruise.

The band met Tom on the set of the Rock Of Ages movie in Fort Lauderdale on 16th June 2011 after starting their US tour in West Palm Beach the night before. Tom performed Leppard classic 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' on his first day of filming for the movie (out on 15th June). As mentioned yesterday his version of the song can now be ordered from iTunes in the US. For more details on this interview visit the show page linked below (full podcast available). Listen to a five minute clip below.

106.3 The Surf - Joe Elliott Interview Quotes

Tom Cruise/Rock Of Ages Movie

"Well Tom Cruise, he plays the character Stacey Jaxx in this film and via just fantastic coincidence last year. Literally almost a year ago we started the American tour in Florida. And we did the first gig in West Palm Beach and the next day was a day off, a travel day to wherever and we had to drive through Fort Lauderdale which is where they happened to be filming the movie in a seedy little club in Fort Lauderdale. They'd rented it out for like a month or whatever and there was Tom Cruise in full regalia, down onstage - getting down and dirty singing Pour Some Sugar On Me as we were actually watching him film it. We just couldn't have been better placed it was an incredible coincidence and he was so humble and so sweet and so in awe of the band. And he'd been been working on this song for months learning how to sing it. And you know he was taking me to one side and going how the hell do you do that every night!. And I go you wanna try singing Photograph if you think that was hard!. It was just a great night we just had a really great time hanging out with him, getting to know him. You know and him saying we'd like you guys down on the red carpet when the film comes out and this kind of stuff. It just felt good to be involved."

By 106.3 The Surf

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