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News - Manraze/Phil Collen 2011 Grammy Video Interview

Tuesday, 15th May 2012

Manraze 2011.
Screenshot by DefDazz/Darren

Manraze featuring Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen were interviewed by the Grammy website after their first US show in October 2011 and footage is available online.

The 10 part video interview can be seen on the Grammy website (and below) also featuring bassist Simon Laffy and drummer Paul Cook.

The videos were shot on 3rd October 2011 the day after their show at The Roxy. They plan to release 'Closer To Me' as their next single from the album 'punkfunkrootsrock'.

View two parts below titled 'Advice To Artists' and 'Most Memorable Moment'. Other parts on include 'Fan Response', 'Forming Manraze', 'First US Performance', 'Manraze vs Other Bands', 'Musical Education', 'New Album', 'Influences' and 'Recording Process'

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