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News - Def Leppard Show Designer/Video Director Interview

Thursday, 29th March 2012


Def Leppard stage designer and video director Jonathan Beswick was interviewed in December 2011 by PLSN (Project, Lights and Staging News) magazine.

The full interview is available online to read and contains many technical details about the 2011 tour production.

PLSN - Jonathan Beswick Interview Quotes

"Yes. Last time around, I used a 53-by-13.5-foot LED wall upstage, and then LED fascias on the set carts. In the air, I had previously used the Nocturne V-Lite with its 28mm resolution. This time I wanted to go with a higher-res product, and I wanted to go bigger. The problem we had to overcome was, how do we go bigger within the same core design and make it look fresh? After considering it, I redesigned the large upstage screen area. It is now 63 by 17.9 feet, and I broke it up into seven separate panels."

"We provide a big-looking presentation for Def Leppard; a great backdrop for a really great band. Weve been told that its one of the best looking shows that are out on tour right now. I will take that compliment any day."

Read the full interview at -

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