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News - Vivian Campbell Says No New Def Leppard Music Until 2013

Friday, 16th March 2012

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has said there will be no new music from the band until 2013.

Vivian was again answering various fan questions on his facebook profile (which has been quite interesting recently - but more of that tomorrow...) and said any new music will not be out until 2013. This of course would make sense with Phil Collen already stating a studio album is likely to happen in 2013 after a few tracks have been out (possibly on soundtracks).

His comments would seem to heavily indicate the recent studio work mentioned by Joe Elliott is more than likely the extra studio tracks which will be included on the second disc of the Slang Deluxe Edition. These include a song that was finished in 1995. According to Vivian (see Album News section) Joe has written and recorded new vocals for the song. In Christmas 1995 the band recorded joke lyrics and used the title 'Heavy Metal Christmas'.

Vivian Campbell - 15th March 2012 facebook Quotes

New music pushed back to next year?

"Yeah, most likely next year before anything new, unfortunately."

It's All About Believin' to be played live this year?

"Possibly, I guess. I'm always just about the last to know, however."

Live tracks as extras on Slang reissue?

"I honestly have no idea of what will be released just yet."

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