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Def Leppard Tour History Fan Archive.
News - Phil Collen On New Def Leppard Music/Greatest Hits Tours

Thursday, 1st March 2012

Phil Collen Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has responded to a fan question about new music and greatest hits tours on facebook.

Phil was asked about the possibility of new music from the band, side projects and why they keep touring each summer.

He reiterated recent comments saying that he hoped the band would release some new songs this year.

Phil Collen - 25th February facebook Quote

"As for the side projects they are an absolute loss of money at least where I'm concerned. It's more about my being able to utilize my freedom of expression doing different music other than what I do in def leppard. I definitely agree with you about getting new music out there. The greatest hits tours are the demand so we do them. But it does take a while for a band like us to make a full album especially being on the road as much as we are but we're working on hopefully getting a few new songs out."

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