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News - Def Leppard Joe Elliott/Rick Savage Rockline Audio Available

Friday, 8th June 2012

Rockline 2012.

Def Leppard members Joe Elliott and Rick Savage appeared as guests on Rockline radio with host Bob Coburn on 6th June and the whole show is available to listen to.

Joe and Sav talked about the House Of Blues show, the upcoming tour with Poison/Lita Ford, the outdoor Rock Of Ages premiere performance, the early musical influences on the band/their work ethic, UK radio in the 70s, Elizabeth asked why the band re-recorded PSSOM/ROA, Jay asked about the Jay Leno show and the current TV appearances, the band will play 5 songs (1 on TV) at the Fox And Friends show, encore question from Billy Duffy, the younger generation attending their shows, what their kids think of their music, Ted asks about whether they would play In The Round again (Sav would like to)/or playing theatres, Corine asks how they stay friends over the years, the YEAH! covers album, Tanya asks what the best and worst things are about being in the band, Scott asks about a new studio album or Live DVD, Joe says yes to both and the Rock Of Ages movie.

Rockline - Interview Quotes

A new studio album in 2013?/A new live DVD?

Joe Elliott - "Yes and yes is the short answer. We hopefully will have a studio record, whether it'll be next year, I don't know. We'll probably be recording it next year or still be recording it next year - we may start it this after the tour. We do plan on making more records it's just a case of not if but when."

Joe Elliott - "And we quite possibly are gonna be shooting a live DVD this summer. It's all at the moment, you know it's all their people talking to our people stuff. You know we've got a few I's to dot and T's to cross but I think we're gonna do a kind of movie documentary."

Visit the show page below and listen to this interview via the 'Audio/Listen Again' link.

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