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News - Def Leppard Guitarist Vivian Campbell Opposed To SOPA/PIPA

Wednesday, 18th January 2012 | 

Vivian Campbell Sheffield 2008.

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has spoken out about his opposition to the U.S. Congress internet bills SOPA and PIPA. I've added some of my own comments before his, please follow the links for more detailed information.

What are SOPA and PIPA?

They are bills designed to combat online piracy, however they are far reaching and go much further giving media companies (the people behind the bills) way too many rights to interfere with a Free Internet. They will not simply be shutting down a few Torrent sites that have official albums/movies for download.

Why should you care?

Well 99% of every website you currently visit will be affected in some way. Every heard of Facebook?, Twitter?, Wikipedia?, Youtube (all fan made videos)?, Blogs?, Independent News Websites? Music Websites (news/unofficial and 'official' fan forums/sites)? - etc.

Ever searched for things on Google?

If these bills pass most of the search results you currently see will be gone. Google "opposes" SOPA/PIPA.

This just affects the USA right? Why should I give a shit?

Wrong, these bills will be repeated worldwide. The Western media made a big deal of China and Iran censoring their own local Internet, but they also censored the connection to the "rest of the World". This is what will be done in the USA. Follow the links below to find much more detailed explanations. Google and Wikipedia represent much of the worlds internet traffic so they know what they are talking about.

Vivian Campbell - 18th January facebook Quote

"I've never voiced a political opinion on here before, but as I'm communicating with you via the internet I feel the need to do something to help save it. Although I'm a copyright owner myself, I cannot support any censorship of the internet. The proposed SOPA and PIPA bills are not a solution. Censorship is not the way forward. Contact your representative and let them know your feelings, too."

Remember Vivian is in a popular rock band and is one of the people those behind these bills are "claiming" to represent. Those behind the bill who read his comments would label him a supporter of "piracy" - as they have done with "anyone" who is against it, ignoring all the other issues (read the articles on this subject).

Google - End Piracy, Not Liberty

Wikipedia - Imagine A World Without Free Knowledge

Wikipedia Link (Via Vivian Campbell) -


Vivian Campbell -

Outside The US? - Petition The US State Department (email)