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News - Vivian Campbell College Times Interview

Saturday, 3rd September 2011 | 


Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by College Times ahead of tonight's show in Phoenix, AZ.

Vivian talks about Undefeated, the fan base, playing with Thin Lizzy. He also mentions the band plan to collaborate more on future studio material rather than writing on their own as they have recently.

College Times - Vivian Campbell Interview Quote

"There has been a tendency in recent years for us to write individually. Even the three new songs we did on Mirror Ball are three [individually written] songs. But there is also a feeling within the band that it would be nice to get back to some more collaborative efforts because when you first start as a band, you tend to write more collaboratively. Someone will come up with a riff, someone will start playing along somewhere else and then the singer will sing on top of it. You capture more of the flavor of the band when you work more collaboratively. In recent years, we haven't been doing that very much. That is something that we are very conscious of and we are trying to bring some of that on all our future recordings."

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